Angel Dreams 10" Mattress

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Wouldn't it be great to have a mattress that you can remove the casing top and wash it?

Mountain Air Organic Beds owners, Gary and Joyce Robertson have developed the "Angel Dreams" mattress casing to exceed your expectations of what a mattress can do for you.  This mattress comes complete with the removable mattress cover and organic latex. 

How does it compare to your other mattresses?

Angel Dreams mattress casing is softer than the Organic Joy, More durable than the Voyager. It has a very slight plush feel, not really pressure relieving like the organic fleece is. Just the perfect organic mattress to give you a heavenly night's sleep.

Angel Dreams Casing Features 

  • Natural wool and cotton quilted casing provides comfort
  • Top is cool and smooth cotton quilted to soft wool for natural temperature regulation
  • Breathable
  • Border is made of GOT's certified organic cotton
  • Bottom of casing is GOT's certified organic cotton as well
  • Machine wash gentle with Eco Friendly laundry soap
  • Line Dry
  • Casing is tight to hold latex together so no ridge is felt in the middle
  • Proudly Hand-Made in Arkansas!
  • Works with adjustable beds, platform beds and foundations.


Angel Dreams "Organic Latex" 

  • Three, (3") layers of GOL's - Global Organic Latex Standards, certified organic latex.
  • Total of 9" of organic latex
  • Build it yourself by choosing any combination of Firm | Medium | Soft on each side.
  • All layers can be rearranged to find your perfect comfort level

Our promise to your Comfort & Purity.

  • Need a layer exchange?  No worries, call us and we will send you a new layer and you return the old layer in same packaging.  We will send you the return label and you can call UPS for pick up at your convenience. 

Our Most Popular Mattress Configuration

This configuration happens to give you the most flexibility to arrange and rearrange your latex layers.  Even years down the road, if you need it firmer or softer, simply unzip your casing and move the layers around to your satisfaction.

Other Custom Configurations from Bottom to top of mattress

Extra Extra Firm

(Like sleeping on the floor, very firm, great for spinal fusions) 

Firm | Medium | Firm

Extra Firm

(Firm with a little push back)

Firm | Medium | Medium

Firm with Memory Foam Feel

(Firm with very slight sinking feel)

Firm | Soft | Medium


(Firm with a little comfort on top). Add a fleece and get even more comfort.

Firm | Medium | Soft


(Most women's favorite because we all have curves) 

Medium | Medium | Soft

Ultra Plush

Add the 1 1/2" organic fleece, you will get pressure relief and the extra "Wow!" feeling, very close to a pillow top feel.

Medium | Medium | Soft with Fleece on Top

Earth Angels story and favorite configuration

"As the owner of our business, I have slept on our mattresses for 1over 12 years now. I used to like a very soft mattress because I had painful pressure points I would recommend a 4 layer mattress to people with Fibromyalgia, RA.  

However; over time, I have found the firmer it was the more I liked it and the more my back seemed to like it. I still recommend the organic fleece to relieve painful pressure points on any mattress or to help you get used to sleeping on a proper mattress.  Because for years people have been sleeping on mattress that lack proper support, or they sleep on a worn-out mattress for years after it's no longer comfortable treating their backs like rented mules!

When I had painful pressure points the soft felt great, but my body changed and my mattress was able to change with it. It turned out to be the best investment I think any one can make in their sleep comfort.  

#1. We never compromise on your health by selling you a mattress full of toxic chemicals, many of which are many are banned in crib mattresses, like Chlorinated Tris.  These chemicals are known to cause cancer.

#2. We would never sell you a mattress made from impure or inferior quality "latex" such as "Natural" latex.

Natural latex vs Organic latex which is better?

What is a compromised mattress? "Natural" latex.  This term is very deceiving and can mean anything.  Including containing chemicals that are synthetic which are toxic to the lungs liver and brain.  Or it can have bonding agents in it which will cause it to break down early because the company you bought it from is trying to save a few bucks to sell you a cheaper mattress.  Well you really do get what you pay for. Trust me, I know. This is why we do not compromise on quality for healtfulness"  Organic is far better than Natural latex. 

What combination do I sleep on and why?

I know this combination to be my favorite and coincidently our most preferred combination. 

Firm | Soft | Medium (Memory foam feel without the 61 Volatile Organic Chemicals)

Firm | Medium | Medium  (Firm feel)

The reason my needs have changed and these combinations work for me is because I have recently discovered I have a degenerating spine, which happens naturally as we start aging about the age of 55.  I also have a protruding disk and a slipped disk.  All this led to a bone density scan where they discovered osteopenia. 

Physical therapy, heated water therapy and this mattress combination has really helped my back and walking without pain. I was in so much pain before I couldn't hardly walk for years, but not any more.  Unfortunately, Osteopenia will be a life long battle to not get osteoporosis.  I am doing everything I cans to stay out of the surgeon's office. The last thing I want is metal in my back.  

Another thing I like about my mattress is I can roll around in it, stretching my spine to try and get my disk to slip back in place over time, I also like that I can exercise even more comfortably on a mattress that isn't to soft or the floor being to hard.

A mattress that heals, God's gift to us.

I can't heal my body if I am in a bed that is not comfortable and I have found this combination is the best for me and my circumstances. I am used to sleeping on high quality latex and can probably sleep on just about any combination because I love the support, the comfort, and breathability our mattresses provides.

If you decide to get one of our Angel Dreams mattresses, please call us at (844) 223-2263 or put the combination you like in the notes, otherwise we will be contacting you.


Joyce Robertson